Custom Window Treatments, Window Tinting and Manifestation

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Massey Business School Investment Room Custom Window Treatment.

Massey Business School commissioned Awesome Art again to create a vibrant and eye catching design for the Manawatu Campus. The colour palette was allowed to be wider and more vibrant, utilising the arrows and the Massey Brand we create a story that was specific to Te Papaioea, the Ruahine and Tararua Mountains, Whariti Peak, the Manawatu River and Apiti Windfarms. The geometric hills expand with the design to the wider flat of Papaioea and the design gets looser towards the vaishing point, the river winds from the Massey University Crest in it geographic location and down towards the coast. Fine details of paths, roads, water troughs are featured in the feilds. The design is layered on the inside and outside of the glass to create shadows, texture and play with the light.

We utilised custom 3M Dusted Crystal prints from Vivid Images and mixed media of 3M Translucent films and solid films interspersed with Hexis stained glass films from Computaleta Group.

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Massey University Student Enterprise (MUSE) Custom Window Treatment.

The Massey Business School commissioned Awesome Art to create an original, eye-catching and dynamic design. Utilising the Massey brand and a primary colour palette we told a story through there design, the arrows show movement and growth through education, the stylised Tukutuku pattern weaves all peoples together creating inclusiveness and togetherness. The symbolised hills and rivers start from the first panel and travel down the windows towards the doors. This allows the viewer to see and interpret this to represent pepeha for their own story, showing mountains, rivers and feilds.

Created using 3M Dusted Crystal prints custom printed by Vivid Images exclusively for Awesome Art Ltd.

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Palmerston North Airport wind lobby custom hand crafted window treatment.

Palmerston North Airport commissioned Awesome Art to come up with a creative solution to there large expanse of plain glass that was still optically clear.

Our solution was to Apply 3M Prestige window tint to the glass and hand cut all of the patterns on the glass. The birds and planes where applied using 3M 1080 Satin Black. This solution is not only optically clear but the prestige film and 1080 film allows the changing light to play with shadow and texture creative a truly different and awesome look.

Wood Strip 2.png